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Alternate Health Signs Supply Agreement Targeting

1,000 Kg Monthly of CBD Isolate and Distillate

Company launches international wholesale CBD distribution at

TORONTO – September 26, 2019 – Alternate Health Corp., (“Alternate Health” or the “Company“) (CSE:AHG) (OTCQB:AHGIF), an international leader in CBD product development and distribution, announced today that the Company has launched a new wholesale CBD business line and signed a supply agreement targeting 1,000 kilograms of CBD per month.

“Like many pharmaceutical companies, we have been disappointed with the supply of quality CBD isolate and distillate available in the market, with very few shipments even matching the advanced Certificate of Analyses,” says Dr. Robert Blaine, President and Chief Medical Officer of Alternate Health. “We saw a huge gap in the market for quality wholesale CBD and we believe our decades of FDA-licensed drug manufacturing experience give us a unique advantage in addressing this challenge.”

Alternate CBD: Business Model

Alternate Health will base operations in its Blaine Labs campus in Santa Fe Springs, CA. As a licensed drug manufacturing facility, the Company believes this is the ideal venue to handle, package and stamp wholesale products. Alternate Health actively sources both raw hemp biomass and extracts, managing any additional processing, arranging strict testing, and carefully handles and packages products in our cGMP facility.

To meet initial estimated demand, Alternate Health has signed a supply agreement with Rising Sun Capital LLC, targeting the delivery of a combined 1,000 kilograms of hemp-derived CBD isolate and distillate per month. The Company will process, arrange testing and package CBD isolate, distillate and THC-Free Distillate. Alternate Health will arrange sales and distribution, having already secured interest from several potential buyers. For more information, visit

Setting the Industry Standard

“Alternate CBD’s mission is to create the highest quality and most dependable brand of CBD isolates and distillates, available in both the United States and for export,” says Howard Mann, CEO of Alternate Health. “As FDA regulations strengthen, we are seeing a rapid shift away from CBD as a cottage industry to a professionalized marketplace. Our FDA experience, drug manufacturing license and cGMP-compliant facility clearly demonstrate our capability and commitment to quality.”

According to industry analysts Fior Market Research, the global CBD market is forecasted to reach $22.5 billion ($17.3 billion USD). Fior market Research releases their results via press release on July 3, 2019. Manufacturers will require a growing supply of quality CBD isolate and distillate to meet this growing demand.

Based on global growth, Alternate Health is also targeting strong demand from international markets, where the Company’s pharmaceutical experience could be a key market differentiator. The Company expects international buyers to be even more concerned about quality, purity and professional packaging and handling. Alternate Health aims to set the standard for quality for international markets as well.

The CBD industry is rapidly evolving, with prices varying as significantly as quality. Based on early negotiations, the current estimated Fair Market Value of a kilogram of CBD isolate is roughly USD $5,000. While prices fluctuate, the Company believes our credibility and professional pharmaceutical practices uniquely create added value for our wholesale products.


Alternate Health (CSE: AHG, OTCQB: AHGIF) is an international leader in the hemp-derived CBD industry, including product development and distribution. Through Alternate Health’s subsidiary, Blaine Labs, the Company has 23 years of experience in FDA-registered and cGMP medical product manufacturing and distribution, with over 50 product SKUs available from major retailers, including Walmart, Amazon, CVS and Walgreens. Alternate Health’s innovative software systems provide the platform for the company’s diverse operations, including CBD product distribution, hemp-derived extract manufacturing, blockchain tax collection systems and electronic medical records (EMR) platforms.

Alternate Health’s corporate office is located in Toronto, Canada, with additional offices in Venice, CA, and Santa Fe Springs, CA. The Company is well positioned to reinvest internal operating cash flow in its platform and product development over the long term, creating an attractive investment profile for its shareholders.

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