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Blaine Labs

Leading manufacturer and distributor of FDA-registered and cGMP-certified dermatological products

A wholly-owned subsidiary of Alternate Health, based in Southern California, Blaine Labs has 23 years of operating history, producing and marketing medical and pharmaceutical grade products, including treatments for psoriasis, scar-tissue, fungus and pain management.

Blaine Labs’ FDA-recognized and cGMP-certified facilities, combined with Alternate Health’s expertise in hemp extraction, places AHC in a leadership position in the rapidly-expanding topical CBD market.

Alternate Health’s management team also expects to significantly boost revenues from Blaine Labs’ products through AHC’s extensive database of physicians, clinics and patients already using its suite of software products.


Blaine Labs can be purchased online or in-stores from major retailers, including Walmart, CVS, Walgreens, Amazon and more. Products are also available through an innovative, direct doctor-to-patient sales network, complementing Alternate Health’s existing relationships in the medical industry as a software provider.


Blaine Labs offers the opportunity for Alternate Health to integrate its clinic networks, EMR technology and CBD extraction with Blaine Labs’ existing facilities and network of physicians, and provides the opportunity for international expansion into markets such as Mexico, Latin America and Europe.