VIP-Patient Electronic Medical Records (EMR) Platform

The The VIP-Patient EMR platform is designed to manage many administrative functions for physicians and their staff with robust but easy-to-navigate

VIP-Patient Electronic Medical Records and Medicant Dispensing System

VIP-Patient is a proprietary EMR & practice management platform, delivering a private and secure system for HIPAA and PIPEDA compliant interactions and monitoring between the physician, the patient and ultimately the pharmacy or a third party medical services provider. VIP-Patient works with the physician’s record system to maintain a cloud based master database of a patient’s medical history, including lab, radiology and other results and required data.

VIP-Patient EMR platform features:

  • An EMR platform that provides robust, but easy-to-navigate menu screens and functionality that allow physicians to easily enter new patients, look up existing patients, record diagnoses and manage prescriptions, store/retain files, notes and documents, among its many features. Reduces file space.
  • Customizable features enable specific patient intake forms and streamlined information sharing to better manage office time and obtain patient information in advance of an appointment.
  • Allows multiple users to access a record at the same time, letting administrative staff update insurance and billing information while the doctor meets with the patient.
  • Remote access lets doctor’s access patient records from outside the office, in the ER & across Canada.
  • Encrypted data is stored in a cloud formation that optimizes data transfer speeds and allows for simplified, dynamic network-wide updating capabilities.
  • VIP-Patient EMR platform uses SSL (secure sockets layer), the standard for secure communication (a HIPAA / PIPEDA requirement that provides substantive protection for sensitive patient data).
  • Doctors write prescriptions that are automatically transmitted to the pharmacy with instant messaging back to the Doctor once the prescription has been filled for the patient.
  • Prescription handling can automate cross-checking for harmful drug interactions.

VIP-Patient is not only a suitable EMR for general practitioners, but new features have been developed to make this system the most ‘state of the art’, simple to use, EMR system available today

In addition to the features listed above, there are many other features offered by the VIP-Patient EMR platform that are designed to efficiently and effectively manage many administrative functions for physicians and staff, pharmacists and third-party payers:

  • Data and normal range comparisons - VIP-Patient is able to calculate, display, and compare average percentiles, treatments and observations to normal ranges, as well as track vital signs and other parameters as they change in line with the patient’s history. Real-time medical care.
  • Simplified charting in line with national recommendations - VIP-Patient incorporates the related WHO and CDC recommendations for age, gender and related diagnosis, and then allows the physician to print customized charts based on differences from the norm.
  • Prescription doses and usage tracking - Basing prescriptions on age and weight or body surface area, these specialized tools help in the proper calculation of doses. Plus, by tracking the patient's immunization data, deficiency alerts can be provided in cases of updated recommendations or missing protections.
  • Unique privacy issues - This is one area that is especially sensitive due to the high and often varied levels of confidentiality required, and though laws and regulations vary between jurisdictions, VIP-Patient has built-in restrictions that adhere to the local statutes and policies.
  • Patient prescription monitoring : Physicians can monitor patients filling their prescriptions at the pharmacy. VIP-Patient is interfaced into the Dangerous Drug Control database supplied by pharmacies to regulators, allowing the physician to ensure factual prescriptions are being exercised. This will greatly limit abuse, double doctoring, and other related acts of fraud.
  • Emergency alerts - Physicians can notify patients through a multiple portability (i.e. mobile phones, email, etc.) application that immediately isolates affected subgroups for on-the-fly, instant alert notification (for instance, all patients receiving prescriptions recalled due to health risk).
  • Complete portability - The full records of all patients are available to the doctor wherever he/she is and whenever they are needed. This includes different offices, throughout any hospital or convalescence location provincially, or the beach - anywhere there is Internet access.
  • Complete security - Concerns over theft or loss of any device are minimized, as the data is only available through password protected 256-bit encryption, and stored in unique security enhanced formats.
  • Built-in Credit Card Processing - Physicians are able to accept credit card payments for incidence and items not covered by medical insurance.
  • Customized functions - The already easy-to-use platform will be customized for the specific needs of specialized sectors of medicine, such as doctors who work in multiple clinics, specialties such as surgeons, psychiatrists, retirement homes, etc.
  • Compatible with insurance plans - VIP-Patient is already capable of direct billing to 3rd party insurers and other health care plans, as the billing codes are imbedded in the system and automatically attach to the relevant record as the doctor/nurse report their activities as required.