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Financial transactions powered by the blockchain

Alternate Health has partnered with Support Your Buds (SYB) to develop Zi App, a digital merchant account and payment processing system. Powered by SYB’s blockchain technology, ZiApp is the secure, low-cost transaction solution the hemp-derived CBD industry has been waiting for.

The ZiApp System

ZiApp is SYB’s flagship technology solution, incorporating all the key features of the company’s blockchain and smart contract system.

Using a network of mobile wallets, powered by a fixed-exchange blockchain token, ZiApp offers lower-cost transactions with greater security, reliability and transparency than traditional industry solutions.

The Zi Token

Zi’s are blockchain tokens, with a set one-to-one exchange rate to the US dollar. This fixed exchange model avoids the risks typically associated with cryptocurrencies, including volatility and risks associated with securities law.

ZiApp tokens can be purchased with credit cards, debit transactions, or ICH/ACH, and cashed out directly to a user’s bank account. These Tokens are only available through the ZiApp wallet, and cannot be bought or told on secondary exchanges.